Heritage Offers Three CAG-certified Artifacts from Neil Armstrong

Posted on 7/8/2022

The flag, Wright Flyer piece and postal collectible are linked to the historic Apollo 11 moon mission.

Three historical artifacts from the Space Race that were authenticated and attributed by Collectibles Authentication Guaranty® (CAG®) are being offered by Heritage Auctions. The artifacts are part of the Historical Platinum Session Signature Auction, being held July 16, 2022 — 53 years after the historic Apollo 11 moon mission blasted off.

All three items are pedigreed by CAG to The Armstrong Family Collection™, a stunning group of artifacts that were saved by the family of Neil Armstrong, who took humanity's first steps on the moon. They include a piece of the wing fabric of the Wright Flyer, the plane that made the first powered manned flight in 1903 (lot 42034). Armstrong was given pieces of the Wright Flyer to take along on the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, and he was allowed to keep some of them after the mission.

Apollo 11 Lunar Module Flown Wright Flyer Wing Fabric, certified by CAG as part of The Armstrong Family Collection.
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The auction also includes an American flag that was taken along on Apollo 11. Each astronaut on the mission was given a small amount of space in the cramped spacecraft to bring along items such as these, and they are eagerly sought today by collectors. The silk flag (lot 42033) measures 4 by 6 inches.

Apollo 11 Flown Flag - United States of America, certified by CAG as part of The Armstrong Family Collection.
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Finally, the auction includes an Apollo 11 Insurance Cover (lot 42032), a philatelic collectible that features the Apollo 11 mission insignia and an Apollo 8 stamp, which celebrated the first manned mission to orbit the moon just a few months earlier. The astronauts signed insurance covers like these and left them with their families in case they did not return from the mission.

Apollo 11 Insurance Cover - Type Three, certified by CAG as part of The Armstrong Family Collection.
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CAG has certified thousands of artifacts from The Armstrong Family Collection. The centerpiece of this unparalleled group of collectibles is a Gold Apollo 11 Robbins Medal, which realized $2.05 million in a Heritage sale held on the 50th anniversary of the mission.

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