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Posted on 6/12/2019

A quick, easy and free way to check out a CAG-certified collectible before you buy.

Collectors can now visit the website of Collectibles Authentication Guaranty™ (CAG®) to look up CAG-certified artifacts by their unique CAG certification numbers to see their descriptions, images (if any) and more. This valuable resource, which is available for free at, can also help buyers to verify that an artifact is an authentic CAG-certified item.

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CAG has already certified thousands of artifacts since it was founded in 2018. Among them are collectibles from the Armstrong Family Collection™, which features items saved by astronaut Neil Armstrong – the first man to walk on the moon – and his immediate family members. The collection includes letters, photos, magazines, flags, patches, and even pieces of the Wright Flyer, perhaps the most famous airplane of all time.

Most CAG-certified artifacts are encapsulated in tamper-evident, clear holders with a label featuring the artifact’s description, provenance, unique CAG certification number and a barcode. A CAG Photo Certificate, also with a unique certification number, is provided for artifacts where encapsulation is not possible.

More than 1,000 CAG-certified artifacts from the Armstrong Family Collection have been sold by Heritage Auctions in two sales for a combined $7.6 million, and additional CAG-certified items from the collection will be sold in July 2019. These and other CAG-certified collectibles can be found in the Verify CAG Certification resource at

Coins, medals and tokens that have been certified by CAG and graded by NGC can be verified for free at the related Verify NGC Certification resource at

If CAG or NGC is aware of a potential problem with a CAG-certified artifact, the Verify CAG Certification or Verify NGC Certification search result will include an alert.

CAG was established to preserve the authenticity and provenance of collectibles at the source by working directly with collectors, estates, artists, museums and others. Collectors have greater confidence in CAG-certified collectibles because they are backed by the CAG Guarantee of authenticity and provenance.

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