Special Discount Offer for CCG Members Ordering the CAG-certified Artemis 1 Commemorative Note

Posted on 5/22/2023

For a limited time only, CCG Collector members can order this special interactive UV-visible commemorative note at a 20% discount, plus receive a complimentary blacklight.

An exciting, tech-savvy note, with features only visible under UV lighting, is now available at a special discount for Collector members of any of the Certified Collectibles Group® (CCG®) companies. Created by Elite Coinage, and officially endorsed by The Astronauts Memorial Foundation, this extremely limited-edition note commemorates the milestone achievement of NASA's Artemis I mission.

For more information and to order, visit EliteCoinage.com.

Astronauts Memorial Foundation 2023 Limited Edition Collector Note (Artemis 1 Mission - Return to the Moon) graded PMG 70★ EPQ Gem Uncirculated
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This important collectible commemorates NASA's return to lunar exploration in November 2022 while also honoring fallen astronauts who dedicated their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice for space research. NASA's Artemis program marks a new chapter for lunar missions following the agency's Apollo program, which ended in December 1972. The uncrewed Artemis 1 mission kicked off NASA's intent to reestablish a human presence on the Moon, while furthering the agency's scientific studies with hopes of exploring Mars in the future.

A maximum of 3,661 individual notes were produced with the utmost care, and each is presented in a museum-quality Collectibles Authentication Guaranty® (CAG®) holder. The notes earned CAG’s top grade of CAG 70★ Gem Uncirculated EPQ. The front of the note contains 25 stars, one for each of the 25 astronauts who gave their lives over the years for the space program.

Additionally, each note features a unique NASA countdown clock system, which doubles as the note's individual serial number. The notes also contain a stunning hidden feature of an astronaut's hand reaching out to touch all of us, in a symbolic gesture that highlights their extraordinary achievements that inspire us to reach new heights. The UV-visible image spans across the entirety of the face of the note and is only revealed under a blacklight. This emotional commemorative note utilizes the most advanced technology to make it a truly unique collectible like no other on the market.

Collector members of all CCG companies are encouraged to take advantage of a limited time 20% discount offer, which can be used when ordering from Elite Coinage by entering discount code "CAG" at checkout. Elite Coinage will also be providing a complimentary UV light to all CCG members who use the code with the purchase of the Artemis 1 note.

Further, CCG members will receive 20% off any CAG-graded products, using the same "CAG" code at checkout. You can also Register or Sign In with your Elite Coinage Co. account and receive additional discounts on PMG-graded Disney Dollars while supplies last.

Collector membership with any of the CCG companies gives you access to this exciting offer and special discount pricing. But hurry — the Artemis 1 notes are also going on sale at the Kennedy Space Center gift shops. Get yours online while they are still available. Not a Collector member? Join here.

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