CAG-certified Wright Flyer Wing Pieces Soaring in June Auctions

Posted on 5/27/2022

Two pieces from the historic airplane that made the first powered manned flight in 1903 are being offered by Heritage Auctions.

Two wing pieces from the historic 1903 Wright Flyer that were certified by Collectibles Authentication Guaranty® (CAG®) are being offered by Heritage Auctions. Bidding is already underway for each sale: the Space Exploration Sale on June 2-3 and the Americana & Political Signature Auction on June 11-12, 2022.

Each auction features a single piece of CAG-certified Wright Flyer Wing Fabric from the Otto Kallir Collection. Perhaps the most famous airplane of all-time, the Wright Flyer kicked off the era of powered flight when it was flown by the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in December 1903.

CAG-certified Wright Flyer Wing Fabric pieces pedigreed to the Otto Kallir Collection.
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Long after that famous flight, a portion of the plane’s wing fabric was used to create a model of the Wright Flyer at 1:42 scale. This model was sold at auction but sadly broke in transit to the buyer. The buyer contacted CAG, which had previously certified Wright Flyer pieces that astronaut Neil Armstrong took to the moon in 1969. It was then carefully cut into smaller pieces by the same NASA expert who had performed this task for the Armstrong Family Collection. It is common for historic fabrics to be divided so that many collectors can have a tangible connection to an important item and event.

The pieces from the model of the Wright Flyer were certified by CAG and pedigreed to Otto Kallir, a renowned collector of aviation history. Each Wright Flyer fabric piece was encapsulated by CAG in a tamper-evident holder designed for long-term preservation and protection.

About Collectibles Authentication Guaranty (CAG)

CAG works directly with collectors, estates, artists and museums to preserve the authenticity and provenance of memorabilia and estate items at the source. Memorabilia, estate items and other diverse collections benefit from CAG’s unique process, holders and expertise. With authenticity and provenance guaranteed, collectors have greater confidence, which results in a safer and more vibrant marketplace.

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